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Potential buyers not only want to learn more about a property they also want to learn more about the area in which the property is located and the benefits of this location.

These downloadable e-books have been written to support you to learn more about beautiful Casa Hay, Vista Mar, Orotina and Costa Rica.


Beyond Vista Mar

Whilst potential buyers are keen to see properties they also want to learn more about the surrounding area of where the property is located.
We wrote this short e-book to provide you with an insight into why this particular part of Costa Rica is the perfect location.
We have included distances and times to surrounding attractions and links to the most common activities that families and retirees seek out in Costa Rica.

Casa Hay

Our stunning home, Casa Hay, is featured in this short, downloadable e-book.
Beautiful photos and short descriptions will provide you with an appreciation for the attention to detail that went into the construction of the property and its location in Vista Mar.
This e-book compliments that galleries and videos that are available elsewhere in the website.